Simson Holding was founded to bring together artists and collaboration partners. As we find it difficult for independent artists to manage everything alone and/or with(out) gallery system, the purpose for us is to support artists we admire and bring them together with possible business interests. We are looking for spectacular talent to bring them together with exhibition venue holders, businesses that want art in their showrooms, possible other opportunities. We buy artists' works to help them sustain themselves and work in a way of an agent/art dealer. Companies can turn to us to find collaboration possibilities that include art. 

My name is Rein Tohver and I have graduated from Lund University and studied at Cambridge in England. I've worked as consultant for companies and as an agent that sold companies and properties. I've got experience in different cultural landscapes, including China. For a long time, I've consulted big companies in London. I'm very interested in art and investing in art. I also collect Leica cameras and Donald Duck magazines. I like Ferraris as Porsches are too slow for me. I also enjoy watching YouTube every single day and sending a lot of emails to collaboration partners, because my brain races like one - with no brakes. But you know, if you don't try to reach to the moon, you never land even on one star. 

Kindly at your service
Rein Tohver 
Lidingö, Sweden

In Estonia, clients can see some of our artworks at Narva mnt 7, 10117 Tallinn. Please reach out via email or phone call to arrange a meeting with us. Rein Tohver is based in Sweden. Our office is located at Ordensbacken 7, 18151 Lidingö.