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Liis Koger. Paintings

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Liis Koger (b. 1989) is an Estonian painter and poet, based in Tallinn. Her first solo show in Germany is composed of abstract-expressionistic paintings in romantic themes. In bright, colourful and delicate moods, the states of mind are being brought to life:

""Yo adivino el parpadeo de las luces que a lo lejos, van marcando mi retorno," writes Alfredo Le Pera. "I can presage the flicker of an eye in the lights that sign my comeback from the far." My paintings are about recognitions - feeling the past, being in the present and reaching somewhere in the future. The contradiction of a drunk man and the gold of a rising sun.

Windmills of one's mind never ask for the length of a memory, only the dreams that stay in the spaces of our loneliness. Forevision and melancholy are mixed in the tailspin that goes on behind soul's living room, and the moon smiles three times... Et voilá - it can be a retrospective any time, for the purpose is always the beauty of the play." Liis Koger

Liis's work has been exhibited widely in Estonia and abroad, she has taken part of the International Painting Biennial Chisinau 2013, represented Estonia in group exhibitions in Luxembourg and London in 2013 and her personal exhibition in Rome, in 2012, was curated by the 45th Venice biennale curator, Achille Bonito Oliva. In 2014, her third poetry book will be published in Estonia.

Enno Ootsing (Valitud hetked)


Liis Koger and Salvador Dali

Kunstisalong  Allee(Tallinn) 25. septembrist 8. oktoobrini 2013


Toomas Altnurme "Reede, 13"

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